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    Oakley Fast Jacket Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Oakley Fast Jacket Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

* FOR: Women & Men
* Rim Type: Semi-Rimless
* Features: Mirrored
* Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Charlie in Wonderland so on Collection the white oakleys fearsome Collector was played by the easy going, mild mannered family man and stunt guy Randall Archer.

Now, as some of you may or may oakley jawbone not know, the Collector has to go through a little 'make up process prior to being 'masked up I have to black around his oakley outlet eyes with make up and oakley glasses sale then apply the two stages of contact lenses (one soft and one hard lens in each eye) before the mask goes on. Usually this means that you can spot Randall on set because he looks like a Racoon! Anyway, one day (and I not sure how it started) we decided that 'Racoon Eyes was a little 'boring and that we should do something else.

Obviously, no one would see it when he was wearing the mask, but WE would know what he was wearing underneath. Tunnicliffe)I once saw a suggestion that Batman does this before putting on his mask. things that are great liked thisnosegrows liked thisjimsheppherd liked this.

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