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    Oakley Fast Jacket Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Oakley Fast Jacket Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

* FOR: Women & Men
* Rim Type: Semi-Rimless
* Features: Mirrored
* Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Chef takes a seat on his bike European chef Ian Curley is still offering full bodied flavours but there's less of him as he cycles his way towards the new thinner him.

As a patron for the state government's Health Together Victoria, the Brit with the wit is arising at 5am after a hard night in the kitchen to cycle up and down Beach Road in Lycra. ''It's one of the things I swore I would never do,'' Curley said oakley sunglasses for sale cheap but never say never because the chef has lost nine kilos and is feeling energetic. Even sponsors are backing him with a Giant bike and Oakley sunglasses but Curley hopes his well nourished frame doesn't put the masses off but inspires them. The former host of Channel Seven's Conviction Kitchen believes he was chosen as patron because he's the ''every man'' who can cook. He's eating less bread and more raw food, even adjusting dishes on the menu. And he's declining a second bottle of wine and opting for juice at the nearby Spring Street Grocer. As an Australian ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, Curley has been elevated to role model status and thought he'd better get in shape without declaring Biggest Loser style that he wanted to drop a chunk of kilos. To encourage couch potatoes to ditch the chips, he said: ''Once you start doing it, it's not that hard.'' Victorian Health Minister David Davis will be oakley plaintiff delighted to know that Curley is taking the ''Health Together'' ethos literally because he's feeding the European's owner, Con Christopoulos, more raw food. They are sticking together like celery sticks on a tray of crudites, with Curley declaring: ''The longer he lives, the happier I am.'' Zoe has it in the bag If you have a first aid emergency in this town, you want to be near Zoe Badwi. The singer's handbag is stocked with pharmacy essentials, the eye popper being a Hotteeze heat pad because she always feels cold and has a back ailment. Badwi specialises in travel sized products because she never knows when she will be told to go to the airport for a gig, interview or recording studio session. She carries fold up slippers, alcohol swab wipes to clean microphones, a travel sized pen she found in a bon bon cracker, a mini USB stick, travel size Ray Bans fold up sunnies, a fold up comb, travel sized perfume and, of course, Band Aids. It's usually the Hotteeze comforter that draws attention when she whips it out of the wrapper and it heats up in 15 minutes. ''Everyone wants a hold of it when it's cold.'' Standing for empathy Barack Obama calls it the ''empathy deficit'' and it goes beyond dollars and debt. ''The nearest oakley store ability to put ourselves in somebody else's shoes.'' From Manolos to moccasins, the empathy movement has spread to Melbourne but oakley cheap it's called a ''moviement'' through the crowd funded documentary Stand in my Shoes and selected identities have received a leather insole as an invitation to the launch of the social change project on June 5. Sir Richard Branson is on board via his film and TV company Virgin Produced and big bank NAB felt empathetic towards the cause and signed on. This global project is headed by Melbourne executive producer Anna Reeves, Sydney's Vivienne Somers, LA's Elizabeth Nakano, Sydney's Ahmed Salama and the ''moviement's'' director is LA's Kurt Engfehr, a filmmaker who worked with political cage rattler Michael Moore on Bowling for Columbine. The duo shared Twitter banter about the Oscar winning gladiator who was discovering his Greco side by touring the land of ruins and enlightening his 961,000 followers: ''How is it that I've lived 49 years on this planet but never been to the Greek islands. So beautiful. Yassou Mykonos I will return.'' The mystery woman who shared a ride on his quad bike hopes he does, so does Melbourne's Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos, which plastered Rusty on the front page with the headline ''Mykonos: Something to 'Crowe' about''. Promoting the movie Man of Steel, Crowe cruised through the Aegean and visited Turkey, noting the ''coastline is so beautiful''. Greece was the word in Sydney on Saturday when Giannopoulos reunited with movie mates Alex Dimitriades and Vince Colosimo in a Kings of Mykonos night club promotion with Krazy Kon the DJ, but the head wog boy knows Melbourne is the spiritual home of the souvlaki. Rusty is welcome to share a gyros with him in the world's Greek capital that is Lonsdale Street. Mixing with buddies It's only a suggestion but footballers such as Lance 'Buddy' Franklin should press the mute button on their outbursts when socialising in a public place to prevent yet another player apology that could fill the MCG.

The Hawks star mouthed off to Nicky Rowsell at Morris Jones, the Prahran bar owned by the Hollywood sounding and looking Hayden Burbank. When he holds a ''chef's selection tasting menu'' to welcome Matthew Butcher to the kitchen, Franklin is likely to keep a low profile along Chapel Street and won't be there. The bar's usual bold and beautiful clientele will still have an abundance of goosebump inducing thrills.

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